Mobile Remote Record

YouView Companion App




The YouView Mobile app would allow customers to set remote recording’s when outside of their house. Opening up possibilities to future avenues such as playing recordings outside of the home

Target Audience

Tech savy existing customers who wish to continue on the YouView platform when out of the home.
Customers who prefer to plan their TV watching in advance


I took over the mobile side of the YouView project and was giving freedom to try and create a great user experience that would enhance the product for our wide user base. Although we had a key target audience, I also had to incorporate the whole spectrum of users who would interact with the product.

Project Date

From 2012 – Present


YouView TV LTD


UI Design, UX Design, Motion Design

The Goal

As it expanded its reach into the UK television market, YouView wanted to give their customers a way to remotely record the tv shows they enjoy on the go. A feature much requested by existing users this app would be the first step into pushing the product to a much wider audience and being able to take the YouView experience out of the home.

User Research

Work started with the youview mobile app with the use of personas, we adjusted a few variables in relation to taking the product onto the small screen in the form of mobile phones and tablets. These new personas were created with the help of external agencies who we also outsourced our initial user research too. This company were brought in various times throughout the project to relay feedback and to help shape our vision of the product.

Design Process

The first step in our thinking was how best to replicate the journeys the users had been accustomed to when using the product in the home. We wanted a consistent pattern in both platforms whilst also taking both the apple and android guidelines and creating consistency with the overall branding and UI of our existing work. The information architecture of the app was decided early, creating a strong foundation of heirachy and a user centred approach to delivering the right information at the right time in order to benifit our users. Working alongside the Lead Interaction Designer we collaberated on various aspects of the the app, boucning ideas with each other and using an agile approach to the workflow, creating a dynamic working relationship leading to furthering ideas and concepts.

Discovery of content

Industrty research in conjunction with user feedback told us that the discovery of new content was one of the pain points people had when using TV products. With that in mind we concepted the idea of a whole area relating to discovering the content you would like to watch when you got home, allowing the user to set the recordings for the evening By splitting the content into releavent categories it allowed us to highlight relevent content first and foremost for the user whilst also having a quick shortcut to see all of the content
Wireframe showing the discovery section
Wireframe showing genre filters

Designing for multiple screens

A key point with making a project for second screen devices was using the screen estate in the correct way and when creating the application with the larger tablet form in mind we wanted to ensure that we could create a more lean-back experience. The goal was to create a bespoke experience for a tablets to allow us to show more on screen at one time utilizing the bigger screen size


Final visual designs from the app


Combined app downloads of over 1,000,000 across both Android and iOS

Constant high usage by a high portion of the YouView userbase


“YouView’s Remote Record app is a definite saviour for those days when you’re stuck at work, late on public transport, or something else just happens to crop up”